Baby Naming

For many thousands of years people have celebrated special moments in their lives by inviting the people closest to them to share in their happiness with ceremony, ritual, feasting, music and dance.  A Humanist baby-naming is, above all, an expression of joy and thanks for the safe arrival of a new baby into a family and it is also a time to consider our responsibilities towards them.

Thanks so much karen for a amazing ceremony here’s a few of the best pics from the day.

Posted by Jon Maile on Tuesday, 7 April 2015

As many people are now not regular church goers, or they believe that a child has the right to chose what they truly believe when they are old enough to make decisions for themselves, a baby-naming ceremony is the perfect way to welcome a new addition to your family, to mark their individuality and uniqueness as a person and acknowledge their significance whilst leaving them free to make their own choices in the future.

The child’s parents will normally ask a few close friends to act as the babies Guide Parents (more commonly known in religious ceremonies as God Parents) and they will make promises to the baby to be there when needed throughout their lives, but promises can also be made by other close family and friends if wanted and can make everyone feel included.

Ceremonies may be held at any suitable location, at your home, in the garden, a village hall or weather permitting a village green, in fact anywhere you would like and if you would like to know more please feel free to contact me.