Civil Ceremony Update

Same-sex couples who married abroad under foreign law and who are currently regarded as civil partners will be recognised as married in England and Wales from 13 March 2014 and from the spring of 2014 same sex marriage will also become legal in England, however, couples who entered into civil partnerships in the U.K since 2005 will not be able to convert their civil partnership into a marriage until later in the 2014 and this will be done by post.

Karen is very aware after speaking to several couples that this may not be the most romantic way of celebrating being married, so as the legal aspects are already taken care of why not celebrate your love and becoming a newly married couple in a Humanist Wedding Ceremony which can be held anywhere you would like either inside or outside and can be as traditional or flamboyant as you would like.

If you wish to discuss and ideas you have or need any more information please feel free to contact me.